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Photos & Reviews for Pretty in Pink Weddings and Events in Chicago, IL


Tameka Jones, Event Planner

As a little girl I always dreamed of owning a business. I pictured myself owning a strip mall filled with pretty shops and boutiques that catered to women. By the end of high school, I had no clue what I wanted to do so I decided to study Business management at the University of Florida. During and after college I worked several different places in search of my “Dream Job”. Oddly enough the jobs I enjoyed the most were bartending and waitressing! I found a wild happiness in making people feel special when they sat at my bar or table, especially if they were celebrating something. Before you know it my passion to help people celebrate formed my new hobby “Helping people plan their events”.

Didn't matter if it was a 20-person baby shower or a 200 person wedding everyone called me for help and advice. Finally, at age 25 it hit me “This is your dream job, being an event planner.” Now the only thing I had to do was a find a company willing to pay me for doing what I loved. I searched city to suburb for a company that would allow me to apply everything a person dreamed of for their event from sight to taste, and could not find one company. At that point I quickly made the decision to establish this type of company. And since the plan was to coordinate pretty events and my favorite color is pink, it was only right that I call the business “Pretty in Pink Weddings and Events”

Lin Reed, Event Planner

Hi, I am Lin Reed events extraordinaire, or so everyone has always seen me as. I am always called upon to host each event from start to finish. While dedicated to financial positions within my employment history, I decided to take on my hobby as a “gig” & became a VIP host. While being groomed under great leadership, I excelled to management giving me the power to bring my flare, passion, professionalism, & personal touch to each occasion.

Fast forward to today! I am blessed to be working in my calling & living my dream. Tameka Jones and I were connected by the industry Gods. We at Pretty In Pink Weddings & Events, through amazing industry connections and a powerhouse team of industry leaders are one hundred percent committed to making the magic happen. Our staff is guaranteed to exceed each and every guest expectation. So call on us for purpose with passion, it's our pink pleasure.