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What to Wear to a Wedding

April 10, 2016 by: PRETTY IN PINK
What to wear to a wedding? We know it’s 2016 and you want to look stylish, but don’t over do it. It’s the bride special day not yours!

Have you been invited to a wedding this year and not sure on what to wear? We’ve got you covered with a few rules on picking the right outfit.

  1. First and foremost NEVER out dress the bride! The last thing you want to do is wear something super sexy that draws all the attention to you. You know that little hot pink number that breaks every guys neck at the club! DO NOT wear that! Yes there will be handsome groomsmen and possibly a few single fellas, but this is not a VIP party for singles so keep it classy.
  2. Even though these days, not all brides are wearing white. Never wear white to a wedding unless the invitation says otherwise. There should be only one white dress in the room. And so what if the bride is not a virgin, this is still her day to be the woman in white!
  3. Always look at the invitation for clues on how to dress. Pay attention to the location and look for key words like black tie, semi formal, casual, etc. The wedding might be at a beach so you’ll want to wear light fabric that’s still fun and elegant. Or maybe it’s at church in the middle of October, it would be wise to wear removable layers. You don’t want to get caught on camera sweating like a pig, because you wore a turtleneck sweater dress and the venue has the heat on hell!
  4. It’s better to be over-dressed than underdressed. A wedding is never a time to wear jeans and gym shoes even if the invitation says casual. Think of a nice blouse and dress slacks if you have chicken legs and refuse to wear a dress. If not wear a nice weather permitting, KNEE LENGTH dress.
  5. Wear comfortable yet stylish shoes. Let’s say its a cocktail style reception with limited seating and you’re wearing 6 inch stilettos? Now you’re stuck walking around the reception like baby Bambi or forced to do the inevitable and go cave woman (Barefoot). Wear comfortable shoes or pack your purse with fast flats!